Unemployment “reforms” in Iowa and other states controlled by the GOP fit neatly with a larger agenda: not to protect workers from low wages, unsafe working conditions, and unbridled employer power, but to compel them to accept whatever they can get.  Read full article at
The latest numbers on union membership in the public and private sectors are not pretty.  Read the full article at Dissent
The Affordable Care Act is deeply flawed, but it has nonetheless made healthcare cheaper and more accessible for millions.  Read full article at Dissent.
Last month the national unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent—a low it had not reached since October 1969, two months after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.
In December 2013, a year into his second term, Barack Obama identified“dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility” as “the defining challenge of our time.”
Seventy years ago, Taft-Hartley ushered in “right-to-work” and strangled workers' rights. The labor movement still hasn’t recovered.